Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette - Body by Stila Cosmetics

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Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette - Body

Retailer: Stila Cosmetics


Eyes are the window to the body, mind, spirit and soul.This year, Stila celebrates 20 years of infinite style. Create endless looks with our new Eyes Are The Window™ shadow palettes. Inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within, each palette is curated with 12 luxurious eye shadows to illuminate your inner beauty. Encased in exquisite, jewelry-inspired compacts-a precious mix of rose, yellow and white golds-the shadows will inspire intrigue and delight.Each palette comes with a lookbook curated by Sarah Lucero, Stila’s Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry. Body: A colorful collection of 12 bright and neutral shadesThe true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.-MichelangeloShades: Pink Diamond Topaz Garnet Rose Quartz Aquamarine Emerald Amethyst Tanzanite Midnight Quartz Moonstone Sapphire Black Diamond
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